Many people are familiar with the term “sport gambling” but what’s the difference between betting on sports and sports booking? In the past, payouts for sports betting were determined by the results of the game. However, after Congress passed PASPA in 1992, both in-person and online sports betting were prohibited in the majority of states with the exception of Nevada. Sports betting apps however, act as digital clearinghouses, and can take bet calls and pay out electronically. Here are a few examples of the differentiators between sports betting apps and traditional betting on sports.

แทงบอลออนไลน์ betting on sports is legalized in Iowa from 2019. Operators are required to pay an annual licensing fee as well as taxes. Online sports betting is regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Michigan allows sport betting in retail casinos in the state however, not online. The state’s sports betting program was introduced in March 2020, a few months before the Coronavirus Pandemic. Mississippi is another state that has tried its hand in sport booking, although it isn’t fully embracing betting on mobile devices.